When using on MacOS it is quite possible that you will encounter the folling exception:

FATAL: role “postgres” does not exist

As it states you are trying to connect to Postgres with a role unknown to the database. The easies solution for this is to create one. You can achieve this by running the following command:

╭─me@myMachine /Applications/  
╰─$ ./createuser -s missingRoleName

With the -s flag you are creating a superuser.

Have you changed your MacOS username?

A little background for When you start the app the first time, it will create a superuser with the current MacOS username in your application.

In my case I migrated my system to a new MacBook and changed my MacOS username.

If you know your old superuser role name, create a new superuser corresponding to your current MacOS username:

╭─me@myMachine /Applications/  
╰─$ ./createuser -s missingRoleName --username=OldSuperUserRoleName